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Administration Building

The administration building is located in front of the main gate of the compound for ease of access.
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Library building

The library features and services like reading, book store, computer room, etc. It has separate facilities for male and female students. It has a spacious and well-organized flow of space provided with its own separate WC areas. The library is located at the middle of the class rooms and dormitory for better acces to the students.
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Dormitory Building

The dormitory building consists of two types of dorms [4 bed & 6 bed] type. Each floor is equipped with  adequate number of toilets, washbasins, shower, and wudu area.  Proctor offices TV rooms and laundry area are provided for the students.

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Medical Facility Hospital

The medical hospital is equipped with basic hospital facilities like laboratory, OPD, operation, and the like. It has various types of bedrooms for inpaitent treatment with over 120 beds
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Class Room & Lab Building

The classroom design is functionally arranged into 3 wings. The classroom/lab area, the lecture hall area, the department staff area. Classrooms are arranged one next to another for visual continuity. A large courtyard-like enclosure is formed by the arrangement of the different department blocks filled with a vast green area

Bale International Univercity

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